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Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum

"Reading these poems one seems to be watching the poet perform a dangerous and revealing dance on a small platform hanging high above a fierce and threatening sea. The images, metaphor built upon metaphor, come at the reader in waves, inspiring awe at a poet who can maintain her balance amid so much deep love and devastation. This is an impressive performance indeed." --Peter Stitt

"These new poems from Nadine Meyer are lushly stark and beautifully forbidding. They deal with family and death and hope, “a diminishing triangle of light on the sea.” They deal with the “well-lit emptiness” of toasts and prayers. The music is intoxicating and, at times, fairy-talish and completely absorbing. The poems in Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum face down their ghosts — in “Go” a mother’s final breathes are experienced first hand, from the interior. There’s bravery here and lasting wisdom. We may want such gifts from our poetry, though we seldom get them." --Philip Schultz


"I admire the fierce attentiveness of Nadine Sabra Meyer’s poems: their formal elegance, their elegiac habit. Her subject is the body in pleasure, the body in pain, the mutable body, and the legible body. I am reminded of the care and rare mastery of such poets as Louise Bogan, Anthony Hecht, Elizabeth Bishop, and Frank Bidart. Meyer’s poems are at once intimate and complex, lyrically taut and narratively captivating." --Eric Pankey

Forthcoming in Spring 2017!
Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum won the 2016 GREEN ROSE PRIZE
and will be published by W. Michigan UniversityPress, New Issues Poetry & Prose.
Painting by Duy Huynh
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